on the morning of June 1st 2016, a customer calls our team and yells down the phone, “MY BOILER IS SPRAYING OUT WATER EVERYWHERE AND I CANT GET HOLD OF MY PLUMBER.”

we dispatched a response team within minutes and was at the spil scene within 25 minutes of the call.

the original plumber had used push fit for the water pipes and not use pushed it through properly and was missing an insert which allowed the pipe to come loose, causing a lot of water damage to the newly installed kitchen.

our team stopped the water, fixed the problem and everything was fit and all in proper working order.

our newest Apprentise Jamie went far and beyond to help this customer clean all the water from the kitchen with mopes and towels.

our newest client was exceptionally happy with the services provided by the Plumberco ltd team and we have been back since to install her new bathroom on suite.