Facebookour engineer was called out to a property in Hendon on the first week of January. The customer reported that they where having problems with their boiler, from not heating the water properly and central heating not working as well as a leak coming from it.


our engineer went to the late night call at 11pm to find something very shocking

the boiler was installed in 2010, by an unregistered engineer who failed to conduct the boilers annually check up. the flue, in which CO (carbon monoxide) is passed through, was not secured to the manufactures installation guidelines and the condense pipe, was freely hanging in the boiler instead on being connected to the trap, whichallowed condensate water to flood the boiler internally, causing rust build up, electrical consonants to malfunction and the internally heating proofing foam to disintegrate.


the engineer made safe and shut the boiler off. Luckily, the egaflop system had an immersion heater on it which allowed for hot water.

He returned next day, and replaced the boiler with 7 years warrenty, with two years free servicing with Plumberco ltd.


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have a a plumbtastic day